Day 1 – Shelter and Zombies

So, here I am, in my starting location:

First spawn

A whole new world

Number one on my to-do list is setting up a home so that I can survive the nightly onslaught of zombies and any other evil creature that that will probably be lurking outside in the dark. I started off by chopping down  some  trees so that I could build a workbench out of the wood that I gathered. Building a workbench will enable me to build all of the basic tools that I will need to survive.


The great outdoors

After collecting what I hoped was enough wood, and turning all the excess wood into planks, I decided to build myself a workbench and then promptly created three pickaxes so that I would be able to mine coal and dig out my first house/cave. You create items in minecraft by ‘drawing’ them in your inventory window.


Building a workbench

Once you have created a workbench, you have a 3×3 grid to build on instead of the inventory’s 2×2 grid. This allows you to build all of the bigger items that are available like pickaxes, spades, swords and doors.

The next port of call was coal. In Minecraft, you need coal to create torches. With torches, you can light your home in the dark and stop any enemies from spawning, as they don’t spawn in the light. I finally managed to locate a patch of coal, and once I had mined it out I decided that the hole that was left could become my first house.

My home

Home sweet home

In reality though, I did not have the luxury to be picky about the location of my humble abode because night quickly set in. I climbed inside my shelter and settled down for a cold and lonely first night in the world of Minecraft.

Night time

My first night

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Welcome to the diary of a minecraft noob.

Title screen

Welcome to Minecraft!

I am going to be writing about my experience learning how to play Minecraft. For every in-game Minecraft day that I go through, I am planning to write a blog post here. Come with me and experience the highs and the lows of living in a Minecraft world.

Minecraft is a randomly generated sand-box game, in which your only aim is to survive and gather resources. While doing this you will have to fight off Zombies and deadly exploding Creepers; harness the power of lava and craft all the tools necessary to survive the night!

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